Contemporary Paintings

David Eddy was most recently featured in a solo exhibition at the gallery from March 28 - May 31, 2015 and continues to show in our holdings gallery. Eddy is a self-taught painter whose talent, vision, and very hard work have paid off handsomely - both in the number and scope of gallery representation nationally and by an enduring and growing recognition of the quality and sophistication of his work. Most of Eddy's paintings center on figures, solo or in groups, and may include animals within the overall narrative of a piece. There is a child-like, naive quality to his work, but the modeling of facial expressions and the delightful complexity and subtlety of the whole speak to a creator with deep insight, expert craftsmanship and uncompromising integrity; and, sometimes, quite a sense of humor and whimsy.

Eddy's paintings explore varying levels of abstraction and styles of narrative. While the preparatory stages of his process - he works with many layers of pigments on panel and a ground which is periodically distressed by physical manipulation and mistreatment - are nearly identical for each piece, the final surface layers determine the unique narrative for a painting. A painting's subject (or narrative) begins to declare its-self as Eddy works on the preparatory stages. This sparks a larger image, story, experience, thought, or whatever, in the artist's mind and he then takes the painting to fruition/completion. His images are both self-revelatory and broadly human.

This first set of paintings were in our most recent exhibit of David's work,which ran through May 31, 2015. Please click on an image below to display a larger version above. All work not marked SOLD may still be available for purchase. Contact gallery for more information. David's price range is $400 - $8,000.

The following images are paintings shown in previous exhibitions at the gallery. Works not marked SOLD may still be available through the gallery. Please contact us with any questions. Eddy is represented by a number of galleries across the country and has been a "regular" with ASFA since 2003.