Oil Paintings and Pastels

Eline Barclay was one of the artists featured in our 23rd Annual The Luminous Landscape exhibition (see our Exhibitions & Events page), which ran through January, 2021.

The naturalistic yet romantic paintings of Eline Barclay capture the mysteries and essences of the natural world. A former Hudson Valley native and established regional painter, Barclay looks for places and themes in her work that evoke and inspire her dialogue with nature. In her current home and studio on Maine's Downeast coast, she has found exactly the right synthesis of emotion and space, light and atmosphere. There is a mood of elegy in her work, which reflects her deep concern for a threatened ecosystem. Her paintings radiate a primal, essential feeling for the landscape wherein the manmade is subservient to a natural world full of soft light and gentle highlights - drama without horror or disaster, power without overstatement, deep feeling without sentimentality.

Her concerns are the quiet magic of early morning twilight, stormy skies, gathering storms, the atmosphere of ephemeral fog, and the neverending allure of waters, lakes, rivers, wetlands, marshes and whatever inspiring natural phenomenon this Cornwall-on-Hudson native encounters.

Please click on an image below to display a larger version above. Work currently available at the gallery is shown in the first set of boxes. Prices range from $900 to $3,000.

Paintings displayed below have been sold; images are part of the gallery archive.

Barclay has a degree in Fine Arts from SUNY, New Paltz, NY, and is included in corporate and private collections around the world. She has an extensive exhibition career with solo and group shows throughout the east coast. Barclay has traveled to diverse settings - including Monhegan Island, MA; Isle of Skye, Scotland; Kenya (Africa); and the Canadian Maritimes - to document a changing landscape. She has been a primary artist with the gallery since 1998.