Todd Germann grew up in the Hudson Valley and graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. While never mastering the rhetoric of presenting design, he succeeded in learning the concepts of successful design through drawing, diagramming - and, especially, modeling - from a varied collection of professors. His first encounter with painting as a tool didn't come until embarking on his thesis in 2004. He has, since, pursued a dual career as artist and architect, and begun showing in regional galleries.

Todd's paintings incorporate elements of collage and overlay, using paints, inks, pencils and stencils to achieve work that references the inanimate world of maps, architectural plans, mechanical "things" as well as the painterly subtleties of color field and autonomic gestural painting. His work currently ranges in price from $300 to $4500.

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Todd worked in the architectural field through 2009 at residential firms in Millbrook, New York and three years in Southampon, New York. He moved to Brooklyn in 2011 in an attempt to resurrect his architectural career - with a slant towards painting as the driving force. A major solo exhibit of his work was mounted by Albert Shahinian Fine Art in 2012 and he continues to be represented by the gallery in ongoing exhibits.